Our Cleanbnb housekeeping services you can expect the following when you book with us:

  • Wash sheets, towels and cleaning cloth.

  • Prepare the bed and towels depending on number of guests. “Make sure no stains”.

  • Use the dryer or hang bed sheets etc.

  • Hang hand towels.

  • Dust surfaces (frames, furniture and lamp shades).

  • Dust and clean mirrors.

  • Clean shower room, sink and tubs (make it shine like a diamond).

  • Clean and disinfect toilet bowl inside and out.

  • Wipe the door knobs and doors.

  • Wipe kitchen surface (cabinets, handles, knobs and sink).

  • Empty dishwasher or wash dishes.

  • Throw old food, opened food in the fridge and wipe the fridge.

  • Wipe oven and microwave.

  • Vacuum the floor, under the bed and under the sofa.

  • Damp mop floor.

  • Empty trash bin and put new plastic.

  • Key management (upon request – we are bonded, insured and ran background check on all our staff members).

  • Water the plants if necessary.

  • Running out like shampoo, shower gels, toilet paper, dishwasher soap, dishwasher bar and cleaning soap.

  • Take photos of any unusual mess or anything broken.

  • If guests had forgotten any personal belongings, then we will notify you.

  • Arrangement of maps, tour guides, books coffee table as well as a welcome note for the guests.

  • We will accommodate any other reasonable request if it gives your guests a standout experience.

  • Deep discounts to our standard rates when you book with us frequently.

What You Get

We ensure that the apartment is PERFECT before we leave it. Please feel free to visit our site for more information about our company or feel free to call me directly to discuss how we can work together.