Cleanbnb FAQ


Will my cleaners know how to clean short-term rentals?

yes they do! A regular cleaning is NOT the same as a turnover cleaning, and we know that. All cleaners have experience in turnover cleaning and know exactly what is needed. Before your cleaning, please provide any specific cleaning notes that can be unique to your property. We will add these notes to every cleaning so the referred Cleaner is always aware of what is needed.

Do cleaners bring their own supplies?

Yes! Your cleaners will bring everything needed for your cleaning. However, the cleaners will not bring laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, or trash can liner. Just tell us where those are stored at your unit:)

What if I´m not satisfied?

You get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the cleaners missed something that should have been included in our Services, we’ll go back to fix whatever was missed. Please note that these are turnover cleanings and therefore are not deep cleaning. If your unit requires a deep cleaning, please let us know.

How do you ensure quality?

Your cleaners will all have experience in short-term rental cleaning and we offer the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well.

How soon in advance do I need to schedule?

You’ll need to schedule a cleaning 48 hours before. However, we totally recommend scheduling cleanings as far in advance as possible.If you have a same day booking, please give us a call to see if we have availability and we will do our best to help you!

What is your cancellation policy?
We get it, sometimes guests may cancel last minute and things come up. Because of this, we do not have a cancellation fee if you cancel at least 1 day before the cleaning.
Do you do laundry?

Yes! We use the linen that you provide us between 1-2 loads of laundry is included as part of the package, depending on the size of your home. If you do NOT need laundry, you may qualify for a discounted rate. If you have more loads to be done additional payment

How do I schedule my first cleaning?

Awesome! We would like to speak with you first and fully understand your unit/needs. You can visit or contact us through email and We will get back to you ASAP.

Can I give you a custom checklist to follow?

Depends,  Our cleaners know to go off of the checklist we provide, which you can find on the services page. The checklist is probably very similar to your own checklist and we can customize it for you a little bit (since each home has its own unique intricacies).

Do you always arrive at the scheduled time?

Our Guarantee is that the cleaning will get done before your next guest checks in. Because of how absurd travel can be, we CANNOT guarantee an exact start time. But fear not! We plan the cleaners routes so they have enough time to do on your unit and your guests will be happy

Are these your own cleaners?

Yes, they are trained by us.​

Do you have an Availability Guarantee?

Yes we do! Just book in advance as possible.

What about Damages?

Your cleaners will do their absolutely best to keep an  eye out for damages to make sure you’re protected! But they cannot always catch everything, so Cleanbnb is not in charge of any damages caused by the guests which are not reported.

When Will My Cleaners Arrive?

Your goal is to have the place cleaned before your next guest, and that’s what is going to happen! Your cleaners will have the place ready before the scheduled arrival time of the next guest…the cleaners will NOT arrive exactly at the scheduled time. So your cleaners arrive some time in between the check out and check in time to get your place looking good 🙂

What if my guests trashed my place?

our cleaners will spend a couple hours more to make sure you’re protected by inspecting the unit closer for damages cleaning it in even more detail to get it in amazing shape for the next guests. We will send you pics of the place and will require adding on the deep cleaning fee to get your place in the shape it should be!